About Us


Our mission is to equip and empower people to live an abundant, spirit-filled life as followers of Jesus and children of God.


Our vision is:

  • To see people set free to live in their God given identity as His children. 

  • To build a community which equips, empowers and honours. 

  • To embrace children and young people in the whole life of the church. 


We are a community which gathers together to worship God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and help each other to grow in understanding and relationship with Him. We aim to meet in a way that is lively, fun and which equips us to live as disciples of Jesus.


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Poplars has been part of the church in Worksop since the 1970s. 

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Leadership Team

Poplars is led by a team who serve the church and local community in a variety of roles, helping others to grow and develop in their lives and as followers of Jesus. This includes work in schools, local charities and other community roles.   

Matt & Debbie




Mark & Beth


The leadership team is supported by the Extended Leadership Team and the trustees who work together to ensure Poplars Church continues to meet its mission.

The Golden Ball, 3 Victoria Square, Worksop, Notts, S80 1DX

Telephone: 01909 532620

Email: admin@poplarschurch.co.uk

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Poplars Church is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and is a registered charity, charity number: 275682.

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